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Soutenance de thèse de Hao Qin – vendredi 10 juillet 14h30 Télécom ParisTech

Soutenance de thèse de Hao Qin – vendredi 10 juillet 14h30 Télécom ParisTechLa soutenance aura lieu le vendredi 10 juillet ...


Seminar on Quantum Cryptography, Vadim Makarov, Friday July 10:30 am at Telecom ParisTech - Amphithe

Title: Progress and challenges in quantum cryptographySpeaker: Dr Vadim MakarovHead of Quantum hacking lab  at the Institute for Quantum Computing, ...


Student PCQC Tutorial - Dominique Unruh - Thursday 9th July 2pm

As part of the PCQC student's run tutorial program, Domenique Unruh, from Tartu University, will be presenting his recent work on Computationally ...


The Quantum Information and Applications Group is part of the CNRS Laboratoire Traitement et Communication d'Information (LTCI, UMR 5141) and the Network and Computer Science Department (INFRES) at Telecom ParisTech. We are also a founding member of the Paris Centre for Quantum Computing

Our research covers various quantum cryptographic primitives such as quantum key distribution, quantum coin flipping and quantum secret sharing. We also investigate foundations of quantum physics, quantum entanglement, nonlocality and their potential applications in information processing tasks.

In September 2014, we hosted the 4th International Conference on Quantum Cryptography (QCrypt 2014).       


02 Jul - 09 Jul

Dominique Unruh Visiting

28 Jun - 08 Jul

Petros Wallden Visiting

01 Jul - 01 Dec

Julien Degorre visits

15 May - 16 May

Juan Miguel Arrazola visits

12 Feb - 12 Feb

Stefan Wolf visits

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